Hi, I'm Jessica an artist and photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. In 2012 I wrote and photographed my first book, Stitched Gifts, from Chronicle Books. My work has graced the pages of InStyle Magazine, Bust Magazine, Daily Candy NY and countless lovely blogs. I love to teach and often teach classes throughout NY and online Craftsy classes (embroidery & product photography). When I'm not making, I love to explore NY, eat vegan treats, bake, cuddle my four rescue cats, and plan my next travel adventure.

So what the heck is a Miniature Rhino?

My young cousin once had an imaginary friend named Dr. Rhino, who was a dentist. She'd talk to him in the mirror by making a moustache with her long hair and lowering her voice. Since then the rhino has been a symbol of creativity and imagination for me. I'd scribble "Dr. Rhino" all over my notebooks in high school. Over the years it morphed into the moniker "Miniature Rhino". I loved the contrast of small and big. For me, making something starts with the tiniest spark, an ephemeral idea. To make it happen and to be able to share it with you, is a big deal. It's the greatest feeling.