Floral Monogram Embroidery Kit - Personalized Gift, DIY


Inspired by adult coloring books and a deep love for flowers I designed this series of Floral Monogram Embroidery Kits to be personalized, fun, creative projects for both beginners and more experienced crafters.

Each kit is different and has four colors of embroidery floss. The initial for the monogram kit corresponds to the flower, A is for Anemone, D is for Dandelion, etc.

Beautifully packaged and ready for gifting! Each kit features unique packaging featuring a sample of the completed kit.

This series of kits are part of a special collaboration with Nordstrom, who selected my work to be featured in stores and online during Etsy's Open Call event. The kits are exclusively sold through Nordsrtom and here in my shop! Right now there are 10 of the most requested letters in the series, and I hope to eventually grow the series in the future. For now you can find A, C, D, E, J, K, L, M, R, S. The corresponding flowers are listed below.

- 5" hoop
- embroidery needle
- easy to follow instructions
- photographic stitch guide
- 7" square printed cotton fabric
- four colors of cotton embroidery floss
- Free US shipping!

A - Anemone
C - Cineraria
D - Dandelion
E - Evening Primrose
J - Jacob's Ladder
K - Knotweed
L - Lily
M - Marigold
R - Rose
S - Snapdragon

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